You’ve looked forward to a break for so long, enjoyed every moment of sun drenched beach life, but feel worse once you get back than before you went away !
Some immediate ways to help yourself are to :
– unpack immediately so that you don’t have luggage hanging around reminding you of your trip
– find things to look forward to; inspiring events or projects for the near future
– look after yourself. Don’t rush back into a hectic work and home schedule. Eat healthily, drink plenty of water and plan time for exercise and for YOU.
– this post holiday blues feeling does present you with two opportunities – you can either wait for everything to return to normal as you settle back into your day to day routine OR use it to examine what you’re not happy with, things which you might like to change to make your day to day living more enjoyable.
If your post summer holiday blues show no signs of lifting, it may be indicative of an underlying problem which is preventing you enjoying life as much as you could. Therapy With Cheryl, based near Market Weighton, can help you explore the reasons and support you whilst you re-assess your life and goals.

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