Now that the summer holiday season is well and truly here, many of us will be having to confront a fear which we manage to keep well hidden during most of the year…the fear of flying.
Also know an aerophobia, this fear is more than a nervousness or anxiety. The physical symptoms can include an increased heart rate / cold hands / trembling / nausea / shortness of breath / extreme sweating / severe panic attack.
The good news is that it is something which can be managed. The first step is to acknowledge that fear is present. Trying to hide the fact that you are struggling with a phobia can lead to additional pressures and anxiety.
There is no specific cause of aerophobia, it can be a learned behaviour or can be a response to a stressful memory – examining the potential root causes and discussing how fear manifests itself physically can lead to a greater degree of understanding and control.
If you feel that your fear of flying is negatively affecting your life, lifestyle, work and relationships , Therapy With Cheryl, based near Market Weighton, can help you to actively confront your fear, explore its origins and manage your anxiety.

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